Specialty Coffee

Noblend comes from “Noble” and “No blend”. Noblend is a name that fully describes the heart if this product line” the excellence of specialty coffees.

Four different single-origin coffees, four different taste experiences, the same passion that Cafe Barbers has put into its coffee since 1870.

IM001622_L_20110913_084627Nepal Mt. Everest Supreme

The only coffee in the world grown on the North of the Tropic of Cancer. This magnificent selection emits scents of cocoa and candied orange, and dissolves in precious notes of ginger.




IM001619_L_20110913_084152Mexico Altura Superior 

This very special selection is grown on high ground, near the magical city of Coatepec. The result is a fragrant and rich aroma, with hints of sweetness that make it perfect even cold.




IM001620_L_20110913_084155Sumatra Mandheling Montagna Gayo

The noblest coffee from the volcanoes along the north-western coast of the island of Sumatra. The coffee is musky and strong to the olfaction, densely structured to the taste.




IM001625_L_20110913_084638Ethiopia Bale Wild Forest

In South-East Ethipoia, the ancient forests of the Bale Mountains National Park offer this great plantation. The coffee evokes intense old feelings: thickness, aromas, of caramel, juniper, and cherry honey.




Eco-friendly packaging

Noblend is presented in a jute bag and is packaged in a 100% biodegradable sachet.