InvestmentQ: What amount of capital will be required to open my location?

A: Including the initial fee of $35,000, your total investment can range from a low of $187,000 to a high of $305,000 providing you negotiate within the startup recommendations and if you opt to sign an Area Development Agreement that will allow you to develop from 2 to 5 business locations in a designated territory.

Q: What type of fees are associated with operating my center once it’s opened?

A: There is a Weekly Continuing License Fee that is 6% of Gross Revenues received from the previous week’s operations. There is a Marketing and Technology Fund Fee of $350 per month. And, you must spend $500 each month or 1% of your Gross Revenues each month, whichever is the lesser amount, on Local Advertising Expenditures.


Q: What will be my monthly overhead and break-even point?
A: At the appropriate time in the interviewing process, you will discuss with Cafe’ Barbera your pre-ownership business plan, which contains the financial aspects of pricing, fixed and variable expenses and your bill paying calendar. Respectively, each owner differs monthly to market rent, salaries, advertising, loan repayment and personal business choices. Your goal is to oversee a low monthly budget and accelerate your break-even point.


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