About Cafè Barbera


The Cafè Barbera “Good Life” Experience

It all starts with coffee from Europe’s oldest coffee company.

Southern Italy, 1870. The bracing air of early morning is enriched with intense fragrance in via Garibaldi where the little shop of colonial products radiate light and aromas onto the street. The source of this aroma is the coffee shop of Domenico Barbera, “the magician”, as his affectionate customers nicknamed him. Every day Domenico roasts fresh coffee with passion and dedication on his new coal-fired roaster, “Tornado” that was pride and joy of the Barbera family. Today, every Cafè Barbera coffee house is proud to serve premium coffee drinks made with Cafè Barbera coffee and the charm, perfection, quality, passion and dedication of our founder. Domenico’s age-old secret art is still at work today in Italy to select, roast and blend the best raw coffee beans in the world from Brazil, Central America and Indonesia. Only three people in the world know how to achieve the proper balance of bean, slow-roasting time, temperature, organoleptic and olfactory characteristics needed in every authentic cup of Café Barbera Italian espresso that is served at a Cafè Barbera coffee house.


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